forever a fantasy

To end our Fantasy Makeup module, my class, LA Elite, prepared one last look. My look was inspired by none other than a Dragon!  I tossed and turned for ages trying to think of something to interpret when I thought of the Taniwha. Taniwha’s are a mythical creature of Maori culture, and are basically dragon like beings. This led me on to researching dragons and dragon makeups and coming up with my very own look! If you search Taniwha’s and New Zealand, you should be able to find some interesting information on them- there’s also a cute, wee Taniwha song – kind of like a nursery rhyme – that all the kids used to sing when we were younger. 

My dragon look was very simple, just using water-based Face Paints and eyeshadow to create. The scales were made by using a mesh bag which I bought lemons in, then holding it over the skin and pressing over it with eyeshadow. I also gave my model, Elena Costello, little dragon nostrils and a wee dragony frown line with a kohl pencil in black from the Bodyshop and that was basically it! I like that although it is fantasy makeup, it still is beauty makeup and Elena still looks as lovely as ever- despite being a dragon and looking like she has a unibrow!

My dragon look is below and below that is the Queen of Hearts look that Elena did on me – just to give you a peek!