My Tutorial for LA College of Creative Arts!

Hi Everyone! This week I filmed a Kendall Jenner inspired Makeup Tutorial for LA College of Creative Arts YouTube Channel. I would love it if you could all take a look! Watch, comment and make sure you Subscribe! I would love to hear what you think.

Vicky xo

bloggers block – unblocked

I am far too unreliable for blog posts, but here I am, procrastinating starting my assignment…blog post it is!

A lot has happened since my last post and boy have I been busy! Firstly I should share with you my final shots from our High Fashion/Photographic photoshoot we had at college. My lovely friend, Katie Rogers was kind enough to model for me and she did such a brilliant job! We went for a more commercial look and also an edgier/vamp look. These are pictured below for you!



So happy with how these pictures turned out! I am loving black lips at the moment!

We also finished up our ‘Era Makeup’ module with a look from each decade, up to the nineties. I thought this module was fantastic as seeing the makeup evolve throughout the years is actually really interesting! The 60’s and 70’s had some gorgeous looks, very classic and beautiful, then came the 80’s (who knows what happened here) and it’s important to note where the trends we wear today came from, i.e. winged liner from the 50’s/60’s, dewy skin from the 70’s etc.

My 60’s and 80’s looks are below! Modeled by Sarah Collins (60’s Twiggy inspired) and Phoebe Wishart (80’s inspired).




My 90’s inspired look is pictured on Shauna Tyrell.


We also had a wee ‘exam’, where we were given a Magazine cover (funnily enough all featuring Kate Moss!), and had to recreate the makeup! This was tricky given, some of the picture quality’s weren’t a hundred and in some pictures she was far away or in B&W. The cover I had is pictured below along with the Makeup I did along with it. My model for this was Robyn McCarthy.


Lash Embellishment was next on our curriculum with a fun day of designing and d-i-ying our very own set of lashes! We then had to create a look based around our lashes – the creations were so fun and exciting! Another fun creativity-releasing day, especially when you can pretty much use any material as long as it is safe and not too heavy! Clodagh Power modeled by Aztec inspired lashes which are pictured below, along with a wee collage our tutor pieced together of all our designs!













That just about catches us up with last week which was incredibly action packed! Not only was I incredibly lucky to help out Nando’s Dun Laoghaire with Glam Rock inspired Makeup for their country-wide staff Christmas party, but I also provided my Makeup Services for the staff of Google here in Dublin (European HQ), as they had their Staff Christmas Party (the guest list was at around 2500) which was a Space/Galaxy theme! Can I just say that everything you hear about Google is true. It was a mind-blowing experience! In class we covered Customer Service with a guest tutor, had an exam on this, attended a fabulous masterclass at Inglot on South Anne Street and also had our first day of SFX (special effects), where we were allowed to have a play around with all the products to see how they feel, how we would use them etc. We then got to create a look! So much fun considering all the gore! Not something for those with a queasy stomach!

Below, I’ll post all the pictures so you can have a good ol’ look at the past week, because who wants to read what I have to say anyway!


A collage of photos from Nando’s! Such a hilarious bunch, pictured is some of our station set-up, a lightning bolt I did on the wonderful Ross, the Nando’s team all set to go on the right, and below, us girls from LA College that attended the work experience!


The gorgeous looks that MUA Sheena O’Brien from Inglot South Anne St created for our masterclass. Modeled on Sarah Collins (Anna Sui runway inspired) and Clodagh Power (Gucci runway inspired).

ImageA selection of close-ups from the Makeup I did on the lovely staff from Google, with all that free food and massages, no wonder they were so relaxed and lovely! I think my two favourite looks were the bottom two..was able to be a bit more creative and always wanted to try a Galaxy like look (keep an eye out – may be a spur of the moment one pop up in the future).

ImageThe look above was my first SFX creation, the story behind it was that she passed out in a house fire due to smoke inhalation, and then to rescue her, they had to drag her out. Hense the grazing effect and sooty skin. So much fun, and quite frankly a lot easier than it looks. I think the important thing here is having a valid story to back up your look, i.e. how did they get the scratches there, this ensures your look is realistic and isn’t unlikely to happen, such as random scratches in different directions all over the face. This look is on Clodagh Power.

Well that sums up this bloggers, long, overdue post! Enough procrastinating for one day I suppose, I better get cracking onto this assignment. Wish me luck! Will be in touch with more SFX looks coming your way!

Stay tuned xo

return of the blogging

A hair catastrophe, two practical exams, a photoshoot, beginning a new job and a 6-page spread shoot for Life Magazine are all to blame for my lack of blog-posting this week! So welcome, if you’re new and welcome back to my usual readers!

This last week has been incredibly hectic so I beware this post may be lengthy and I suggest to scroll down if you prefer to just have a gaze at my work in pictures. 

Monday and Tuesday last week consisted of Practical exams where we used a male and female model and had three looks for each in which the tutors oversaw so they could mark us. Both models were made up to be commercial, contoured and runway. The female looks can be sen in my previous post there titled ‘Three shades of Clo’. Wednesday at college was then photoshoot prep for our shoot on Thursday, photos of which are yet to come but don’t worry, of course I’ll be sharing those with you all! 

On Sunday I was also given the opportunity to help out The Design Centre with a photoshoot for a 6-page spread that will be featured in Life Magazine which comes in the Sunday Independent Paper here in Ireland. There were 8 different looks with two models which myself and another artist worked on one each. I am so excited for this shoot to come to print as it will be my first official published work! Fair to say I’ll be sending a few copies back home to New Zealand to show off and hopefully be able to post all my behind the scenes and final images on here once the issue comes out!!

This week at LA College we are beginning Makeup throughout the years, or era makeup. Today we covered the 1920’s and 1930’s.


The 1920’s look modeled on Karen Glynn.

1920’s ‘quintessential’ makeup trends featured rosebud/almost heart shaped lips with gorgeous rounded cupid bows and saw rounded eyes where the shadows were blended upwards as opposed to modern-day makeup where the shadows are winged outwards. The upwards and rounded blending on the lid and under the lower lash line emphasise these areas of the eyes allowing the eye to appear more round instead of almond shaped which is now considered the ‘ideal’ eye shape. Heavy bright, red blush was also prominent but worn quite high up on the cheeks – top it off with a turban – beautiful! 



The 1930’s look modeled by Elena Costello.

There are only subtle differences between the 1920’s and 30’s. For example the lip shape evolved to a more elongated top and bottom lip, but featuring a stronger cupids bow. Eyebrows were rounded and pastel shades on the eyelid increased in popularity. Bright, red blush was still worn frequently however they applied this in a triangle shape on either side of the face instead of on the apples of the cheeks. Back then it was seen to help correct the face shape and allow it to appear more oval, however today it was just to get a taste of the 30’s.

After an incredibly busy last week I am excited to make a start on this era makeup! Tomorrow we are tackling the 1940’s and 1950’s. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully you do too!

Stay posted boys and girls.

hittin’ the streetz

Class today consisted of an ‘Editorial Challenge’!

Each girl chose an image where the face was covered and depending on what the look was for the rest of the editorial was how we decided on our makeup look. This was anything from the clothes, to the hair and the colours and tones of the page. At the end we revealed to ourselves what the original makeup in the campaign was and a lot of us were shocked – the look was way off what we had produced. The great thing was that it didn’t matter as our looks also suited the editorials. Really goes to show how different looks and techniques can be adapted to portray a certain image a designer or company are aiming for.

Pictured is my model, Ailish Graydon with the editorial I chose to create a look for and also the final image. We had a bit of fun towards the end of class and dressed up before hitting the streets for a bit of a Street Style inspired photoshoot!




A lot of us may need some modeling lessons, but at least we’ve got the makeup in the bag!

Also to give you an idea of what the makeup on the editorial was, it is pictured below!


monday funday

Oh how I love commercial/editorial makeup!

Today we designed our looks based on a product we are ‘selling’ or for use in a commercial. Meaning basically we could do any look (within reason) as long as we had a good back up story for which commercial it would be used in. For our first looks we had to choose a makeup to sell, so either focusing on the eyes, lips or face. I chose to sell lipstick as I find perfecting lips as a slight weakness and took this as an opportunity to practice. The precision was so important in this look and keeping the skin flawless along with bare, natural eyes were also a must to ensure the lips stood out and caught your eye.

ImageFor the second looks, we were allowed to sell anything and because the demo our tutor, Marie-Therese, gave us was a bit grunge inspired, I was keen to go all out for a grungey-Taylor Momsen, panda-eye inspired look. The question was then what to sell, umm how about Perfume? Sweet choice. Perfume campaigns, basically allow for any makeup so this was the perfect product to choose! I imagine this look being used for a Mens perfume (i.e. the love interest in the advert), or in say a perfume like Lady Gaga’s (with the black bottle) as the grunge-look would compliment the bottles packaging. I was actually really pleased with the outcome of this look, a black smokey eye with some grey-contouring and a purple ombre lip – HOT.


So glad to be back in college after mid-term break. Today was perfect to kick off the next term and thanks again to my lovely model, Clodagh Power! You would think we like working together or something, huh? 


Check back soon! 


o’hallows eve

Happy Halloween!

(for yesterday)

I hope everyone had a fab time and got the chance to dress up! I don’t usually celebrate Halloween, not entirely sure what it’s all about but being a Makeup Obsessive, I’ll take any opportunity to be creative.

I chose to go as Catwoman, show off a bit of skill without it taking too long or turning me into too much of a creep, I was pretty happy with how it turned out too although the stitches needed a bit of work. I used INGLOT Gel Liner 77 (black for the mask) and I was so surprised with how so little went a long way. I literally have an entire tub left and it stayed workable the entire time I was using it without drying out – SO IMPRESSED. I also went for an ombre lip, which is a little hard to see in my pictures but I used MAC Ruby Woo (of course) and MAC Smoulder Eye Kohl for the lip liner and blending.


All fun and games!

(and some really bad photo quality)