a little recap

Well I think it’s fair to say that so far, February has been full on. Since my last blog post I have been up to many exciting things and have had many amazing opportunities, all which I couldn’t be more thankful for! Let’s start where I left off…

The Saturday after finishing Fantasy Makeup, I was privileged to help out on a weekend shoot for other LA College classes doing smaller courses. Because their classes are smaller, they do not focus on hair and that’s where me and some of my friends came in! They were doing natural makeup and bridal photoshoots and trusted us with their lovely models to create some gorgeous hairstyles. It is so important at this time in the industry that Makeup Artists know how to style hair, even if it’s only the basics. So many jobs now are searching for Makeup and Hair artists as opposed for one of each, obviously saving money for them, and having a greater knowledge of hair really advantages us. The photoshoot was run by Adrienne Kennedy Campion, whom tutors these classes. It is a privilege to work alongside her as she is very motivating and an incredible MUA herself. After the photoshoot we also walk away with the final, edited images to use in our portfolio, proving we can do hair! It’s a real win-win situation!

The next week, brought us back to college where we learnt about Asian and Ethnic skin and did a skills test. I had a lovely model named Alexa who came in for me and I was incredibly happy with the end result of her makeover! She had the most beautiful lips, and I think the colours used looked stunning on her. For the skills test, our tutor Louise Dunne had a photo of Val Garland’s makeup and got us to recreate it under time pressure. It was definitely as hard as it looked!!


My Makeover on the gorgeous Alexa!


The Val Garland image pictured above and my recreation pictured below!



Much to improve on but giving the circumstances I’m pretty proud of the outcome!

Next on the Agenda was airbrushing…and a lot of it! Airbrushing is an interesting technique, I’m not sure that I particularly like it for foundation application. I definitely think I’m one for having more control and I feel I can’t achieve that with a gun, but more so with a brush. Giving that, I did have an incredible amount of fun when we were allowed to do more wacky and crazy looks! I chose to do a graffiti inspired one. I was happy with the look but I did have a lot more planned for it, unfortunately airbrush guns like to become clogged…A LOT, so I spent most of my allocated time, taking apart, cleaning and reassembling! The look is pictured below on my model, Jen O’Connor – whom might I add is incredibly patient and helpful when cleaning the guns!! 



During our airbrushing week, I was also offered the chance for some work experience and I was more than delighted to hear that it was for none other than Stellar magazine! Myself and Megan Burke made our way down to 9 Bond Street Studios – an amazing building full of studios owned by renowned photographer Barry McCall – where we set up our stations in the salon and got to work on six young mums, getting their makeup and hair done for their shoot. Not to mention, all the children were there too! It was an interesting day, filled with cute kids and also a lot of glam! The shoot is for a spread on young mums and will feature in the upcoming issue, being released this week. I am so excited to see my work published in such a well-known Irish Mag and it was such a great experience working in different circumstances! I.e. dodging the child sitting on mum’s lap and having them throw our makeup on the ground – so cute though, can’t stay mad at their wee faces! I look forward to sharing the shots with you when I receive them!

Next up we did some body painting – Nothing too big or full on. Just a few pictures and illustrations here and there to get a knack for using the paints etc – if you click on my instagram feed to the right of the page you will be able to see some images of my work there.

Amongst all the college work – I also earned myself a new job working at Zeba Hairdressing in their Makeup department. I am incredibly excited to be working in an environment where I get to practice my skills and converse with clients several times throughout the day and am ever so blessed to have this job! Another step closer to my goals! Every work experience is good experience!

Well, I suppose it’s back to reality now, with an assignment due, second stage of my Graded Unit project to complete and a photoshoot to organise – it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks..oh and it’s my birthday tomorrow! 😉

Vicky xo