monday funday

Oh how I love commercial/editorial makeup!

Today we designed our looks based on a product we are ‘selling’ or for use in a commercial. Meaning basically we could do any look (within reason) as long as we had a good back up story for which commercial it would be used in. For our first looks we had to choose a makeup to sell, so either focusing on the eyes, lips or face. I chose to sell lipstick as I find perfecting lips as a slight weakness and took this as an opportunity to practice. The precision was so important in this look and keeping the skin flawless along with bare, natural eyes were also a must to ensure the lips stood out and caught your eye.

ImageFor the second looks, we were allowed to sell anything and because the demo our tutor, Marie-Therese, gave us was a bit grunge inspired, I was keen to go all out for a grungey-Taylor Momsen, panda-eye inspired look. The question was then what to sell, umm how about Perfume? Sweet choice. Perfume campaigns, basically allow for any makeup so this was the perfect product to choose! I imagine this look being used for a Mens perfume (i.e. the love interest in the advert), or in say a perfume like Lady Gaga’s (with the black bottle) as the grunge-look would compliment the bottles packaging. I was actually really pleased with the outcome of this look, a black smokey eye with some grey-contouring and a purple ombre lip – HOT.


So glad to be back in college after mid-term break. Today was perfect to kick off the next term and thanks again to my lovely model, Clodagh Power! You would think we like working together or something, huh? 


Check back soon!