a nice day for a wedding

Today, while working at LA Creative (the sister company to my college just attended), we had a bridal party come in to get their hair and makeup done for the wedding. Lucky for me, the bride Vicky was my client and she could not have been more of a pleasure to work with! I’d watched plenty of ‘Bridezillas’ back in the day so I was a little nervous when I first started getting into Bridal Makeup but I have to say it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the Makeup industry. 

As a Makeup Artist you really have to become friends with your client in the first five seconds of knowing each other, you have to be open and honest, know whether they’re the chatty type or want to relax and make them feel comfortable, after all, you are working on their face which is pretty up close and personal. The bride Vicky made it very easy for me as she was super relaxed given her wedding was in the afternoon! Her bridal party consisted of her mother and four bridesmaids. The hair was done by Ethan and Nikita who also work in the store and the Makeup on the bridesmaids was done by Rachel, with myself also doing the Mother of the Bride.

There’s a lot to keep in mind for a Bridal Makeup besides the look itself. You need to ensure the longevity of the look and also the amount of SPF in the products (SPF reflects light and creates ‘flashback’ when taking photos making the area look paler than it is or even white). I believe 0 SPF is best, but generally products up to SPF 15 are okay.

Vicky’s look was simple and glamorous, and one thing her soon-to-be husband made her promise was no big, false lashes! Instead we went for a few on the outer edges to add some volume as they were fairly long already! 

A few pictures of her are below and taken in the store LA Creative!






Thanks for reading! Drop by again soon xo


a little flashback

One of my favourite work experiences with LA College of Creative Arts was the opportunity to work alongside tutor Aidan Corcoran and fellow student Karen Glynn on the College’s Discovery Day. The event was held for current and upcoming students to find out about the college and all it has to offer. We on the other hand were there to demonstrate some skills! 

We spent around 7 hours on the day body painting our model Nathan. It was so much fun and our model was a great sport considering he had to stand still for so long! Aidan designed the look, going for a statue-esque base, blanking out the entire body with white, then going in with grays and blacks to contour the natural shapes of the body. We then placed LA College’s logo in the middle of the torso and made it to look like a paint splash! To add some colour, we coated the rest of the body in coloured paint splashes.

It was an incredible day and the college had a great turnout! The SFX crew also had a demo along with some of our great tutors to demonstrate all of the skills that can be gained here at LA! 

Below is our finished product! 





Helps when you have a gorgeous model too, doesn’t it? Talk soon folks xo

long time no see

A Facebook notification pops up on my phone and to my surprise it is from my mentor Marie-Therese Byrne. It shows a screenshot of a previous post where I wrote about a makeup she did and how she couldn’t believe she had only just come across it. Someones still reading my blog? Let alone going back a few posts? My poor blog, I got so caught up in other things that I had completely abandoned it! Luckily MT is around, she may have just been the little motivation I needed to get back into it!

As I recap on the year that was, I remember all the fun moments, the silly times, the hard work, the amazing experiences and all that I have learnt whilst being at LA College of Creative Arts. It truly was the year of a lifetime and moving away from home to come here and experience it was the best decision I have ever made. 

So much has happened since then so I figure I’ll stick to some highlights for this post!

First would be the two publications I’ve added to my portfolio! One for Stellar Magazine and one for the newly released Insider Mag. For the Stellar Magazine I worked alongside fellow LA Student Megan Burke where we provided Hair & Makeup for 6 mums for a special article. For the Insider Magazine I assisted Beauty Editor Nadia El Ferdaoussi with Makeup for the male model and hairstyling. I will jump at any chance for published work! The contacts you make and knowing that so many people are looking at something that you did is such a great feeling and so worth the long days on set. 

These are the images from the Stellar Magazine photoshoot:





A few other highlights included being involved with both the UCD and Trinity college fashion shows! LA College provides hair and makeup for both and it is so fun seeing all the hard work come to an amazing show at the end of the day! I was also able to work for a corporate box at the One Direction concert in Croke Park meaning I got a wee glimpse of the show! 

We also had a few more photoshoots within the college before graduation. They are shown below!

Images from a Character Photoshoot (Galaxy and Half’n’half). Model:Tessa Muldoon.




The following images were from a Beauty photoshoot. Model: Clodagh Power.




There were many more exciting things crammed into the past few months with one of the biggest being our Graduation! However for the sake of this post being too lengthy, I think we shall save that for another day! 

Now that my days as a student at LA College of Creative Arts are over and I go on to working as a Summer Intern for them over the next three months, the style of my blog may change as my skills and knowledge within the industry progress! Expect a few reviews, recommendations, looks with product lists etc as well as my usual recapping which Mum and Dad along with others back home tend to find helpful in keeping up to date with me over this side of the world!

That’s me for today! Have a great weekend and I’ll be in touch soon xo


a fantastical fantasy day

Fantasy Makeup – a way to produce makeups portraying mythical and/or majestical creatures or things. Fantasy Makeup allows you to transform yourself into anything you can think of. It doesn’t have to be a full face of makeup – it could be the simplest of things – but we’re in Makeup college and we all love being creative and having fun so why not!

Wednesdays are half days so we only had enough time to produce one look today! There was an uneven number in today so I was lucky to work on Leah, a lovely (and patient) girl doing work experience for LA College, this allowed me to have a little more time to perfect my look as no one would be recreating a look on me. I decided to take my inspiration from the galaxy and many of the space makeups I saw around Halloween. The finished look is below:



To begin the look, I blocked out the eyebrows with the use of Prozade (an adhesive glue used for Special Effects) and Special Effects Wax. This wasn’t a necessary step however I had the time so threw the practice in. I then layered a salmon coloured cream concealer with a concealer that matched Leah’s skin tone, making sure to apply translucent powder between each layer and voila, the eyebrows disappeared! I then used a Supercolour from Kryolan in black to create and fill in the upside-down triangle shape. Then just using highly pigmented eyeshadows in my chosen colours, I distributed random amounts of colours throughout the black. I then added some fun glitter and small diamantes before colouring in the lips with a gold and glittery Supercolour form Kryolan. It’s an incredibly easy look to create and can be done very quickly if need be although I think the result is quite effective and I’m very happy with todays look!

The photo below is courtesy of Marie-Therese Byrne and shows some of us in action!



As you can see in the photo above, all of the looks were incredibly individual but all completed to the highest standard and all really amazing and creative! Goes to show you can get your Fantasy inspiration from anywhere! xo

Note: Makeup in above photo from top-left and going clockwise done by – Sara Griffin, Elena Costello, Myself and Niamh O’Riordan

when the boundaries break

Today was an amazing day at LA college, filled with endless creativity and a whole lot of colour! Not to mention…GLITTER!

When we arrived in class, there were boxes filled of Avant Garde dreams – infinite amounts of glitter and fun colours awaiting their turn to be used, but what better way to begin the day then with a Makeup demo from our tutor Marie-Therese Byrne and who luckier to be the model, than myself! 

She did an incredibly fun and bright look with bold, crazy shaped brows and a lot of colours. No rules to stick to, no need to worry about symmetry or crisp, clean lines and blending. Just pure magic and art. Avant Garde really is the perfect opportunity for us to be inspired, it’s not beauty makeup, the boundaries and rules are there to be broken. You can do whatever you like, execute it well and have it interpreted a million, different ways which I think is a huge reason behind why I love this kind of makeup. Nothing really offends me more than seeing amazing work by the likes of Alex Box and Pat McGrath being criticized by close-minded people that really know nothing about art and the theatricality behind Avant Garde makeups. ‘My two year old could do that in his sleep’, Yeah, well, your two old isn’t an internationally recognised Makeup Artist. The photo that Marie-Therese did on me is pictured below – I must warn you though, I am in no way a model and this photo is a sneaky iPhone selfie! 



Time was then handed over to us to create our own Avant Garde look. I did my look on the model, Clodagh Power and I have to say, I’m actually pretty happy with the outcome! I began by creating a bronzed face, using Makeup Forever Face & Body Foundation mixed in with some Honey Bronze lotion which has a lot of glittery, gold in it to create a gorgeous sheen. This was layered over a face prepped with MAC Strobe Cream. I used Maybelline Gel Liner in Black to draw on my thick brows, and used BEN NYE colour refills to paint the brush strokes on to the face – these were cream based and extremely pigmented so were applied like a dream! I finished the look by adding Cinema Secrets Cosmetic Glitter in a Turquoise Blue and Gold to areas of the face, added Mascara, fake lashes and smeared a smudge of Black Eyeliner from the Bodyshop over the lips. Very unusual, completely Avant Garde! 



The look above is my look on Clodagh.

The look below is Clodagh’s look on me – Hunger Games inspired and once again, a complete selfie!



I look forward to sharing the rest of my week with you all! xo