when the boundaries break

Today was an amazing day at LA college, filled with endless creativity and a whole lot of colour! Not to mention…GLITTER!

When we arrived in class, there were boxes filled of Avant Garde dreams – infinite amounts of glitter and fun colours awaiting their turn to be used, but what better way to begin the day then with a Makeup demo from our tutor Marie-Therese Byrne and who luckier to be the model, than myself! 

She did an incredibly fun and bright look with bold, crazy shaped brows and a lot of colours. No rules to stick to, no need to worry about symmetry or crisp, clean lines and blending. Just pure magic and art. Avant Garde really is the perfect opportunity for us to be inspired, it’s not beauty makeup, the boundaries and rules are there to be broken. You can do whatever you like, execute it well and have it interpreted a million, different ways which I think is a huge reason behind why I love this kind of makeup. Nothing really offends me more than seeing amazing work by the likes of Alex Box and Pat McGrath being criticized by close-minded people that really know nothing about art and the theatricality behind Avant Garde makeups. ‘My two year old could do that in his sleep’, Yeah, well, your two old isn’t an internationally recognised Makeup Artist. The photo that Marie-Therese did on me is pictured below – I must warn you though, I am in no way a model and this photo is a sneaky iPhone selfie! 



Time was then handed over to us to create our own Avant Garde look. I did my look on the model, Clodagh Power and I have to say, I’m actually pretty happy with the outcome! I began by creating a bronzed face, using Makeup Forever Face & Body Foundation mixed in with some Honey Bronze lotion which has a lot of glittery, gold in it to create a gorgeous sheen. This was layered over a face prepped with MAC Strobe Cream. I used Maybelline Gel Liner in Black to draw on my thick brows, and used BEN NYE colour refills to paint the brush strokes on to the face – these were cream based and extremely pigmented so were applied like a dream! I finished the look by adding Cinema Secrets Cosmetic Glitter in a Turquoise Blue and Gold to areas of the face, added Mascara, fake lashes and smeared a smudge of Black Eyeliner from the Bodyshop over the lips. Very unusual, completely Avant Garde! 



The look above is my look on Clodagh.

The look below is Clodagh’s look on me – Hunger Games inspired and once again, a complete selfie!



I look forward to sharing the rest of my week with you all! xo


avant garde

Today at LA, we began our next module of Advanced Fashion & Photographic, with our first topic being…

Avant Garde!

With Avant Garde, comes a chance for us all to let our creativity and imagination run wild to produce some eye-capturing and individual Makeups. Our first task was to research and create a look, suitable for an editorial or runway show, but still Avant Garde. This meant we had to be weary of going to ‘fantasy-like’ and sticking to the beauty makeup side of things.  

For my look, I decided to do a very dewy and luminous skin, with a metallic contour and a stained petal-lip. I took my inspiration from galactic beings and also cherry blossoms – random, I know. My look was to go alongside fashion from the likes of Gareth Pugh or Alexander McQueen in one of their runway shows. To create the luminous skin, I mixed MAC Strobe Cream with MAC Face & Body in White – this also added to the pale appearance of the skin which I wanted to make it look more innocent, youthful and also alien-esque. I simply used a metallic eyeshadow to contour and swept a wash of this over the eyes. I used MAC Viva Glam Nicki and pressed it on the inside of the lips, which were prepped with a MAC Eyeliner in Fascinating. I then used this eyeliner to coat around the eyes and also as a mascara.

Simple as that and done in a second!

My look is modeled on Clodagh Power. 


effects are special

Happy (very belated) New Year to you all and welcome to 2014!

It’s been a slow start to the year, what with holidays ending and getting back into College. Starting the year with a week of computers I might add! Not fun for a bunch of MUA’s to be stuck in a Computer lab but we survived…just! I was pleasantly surprised to receive my final images of the Special Effects Photoshoot we had at the end of last year before College broke out for Christmas holidays. 

My looks were modelled o my very good friend and flatmate, Clara Formosa! One look is a kidnap victim and the other one a Zombie. I was very happy with how my shoot turned out and the quality of the photos are amazing! I would also like to say a huge thank you to Colin Price, our photographer for his amazing direction and outstanding talent. The pictures are below so take a look – perhaps not over breakfast or dinner, depending on which side of the world you are! 

Vicky xo




design house photoshoot

There is no better way to spend a Sunday, then being surrounded by talented and creative people, all working together on an amazing project and a few weeks ago, I was lucky to do just that. 

With a work experience like this, you would be silly to say no! The Design House located in Dawson St in Dublin was shooting for a 6-page spread in Life Magazine (an insert which comes with the ever so popular Sunday Independent). The Design House is a fabulous building where many Irish designers are showcased in quirky rooms throughout the store. Each picture has different pieces from different designers and all the looks were put together by the stylist Iseult Sheehy (www.iseultsheehy.com). The photographer was Eilish McCormick (www.eilishmccormick.com) and Hair was by Jenny Crawford for Kazumi (www.kazumihair.ie). Makeup was provided by myself (Victoria Steiner Makeup Artist) and also Sonia Osiecka for Pria Makeup. Models were Mary-Claire Tracy (Blonde) and Louise Byrne (Brunette) of Morgan the Agency (www.morgantheagency.com).

All in all, it was a long 9 hour day, but every second was worth the experience and the fun had whilst being on set. My first ever published work and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! Take a look at the pictures below and I hope you enjoy!





not for the squeamish

This week we’ve been having Special Effects lessons in class.

So far we’ve covered everything from slit wrists/slits, gashes, strangulation, 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns, bullet wounds and also chopped off digits! 

It’s all very gory and let’s just say doing research for SFX is not something you want to do over lunch or dinner, however it is a lot simpler than you might think! Less is more definitely applies here and overdoing the SFX by adding too much product can make it look unrealistic. Tomorrow we are covering Zombies which should be incredibly fun and I imagine we’ll get some awesome pictures out of it. Below are some of the photos from class over the past couple of days. Have a look but beware, it may not be your cup of tea – especially if you’re a bit squeamish. Looks are modeled on Clodagh Power and Phoebe Wishart.




ImageCiao for now xo