a nice day for a wedding

Today, while working at LA Creative (the sister company to my college just attended), we had a bridal party come in to get their hair and makeup done for the wedding. Lucky for me, the bride Vicky was my client and she could not have been more of a pleasure to work with! I’d watched plenty of ‘Bridezillas’ back in the day so I was a little nervous when I first started getting into Bridal Makeup but I have to say it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the Makeup industry. 

As a Makeup Artist you really have to become friends with your client in the first five seconds of knowing each other, you have to be open and honest, know whether they’re the chatty type or want to relax and make them feel comfortable, after all, you are working on their face which is pretty up close and personal. The bride Vicky made it very easy for me as she was super relaxed given her wedding was in the afternoon! Her bridal party consisted of her mother and four bridesmaids. The hair was done by Ethan and Nikita who also work in the store and the Makeup on the bridesmaids was done by Rachel, with myself also doing the Mother of the Bride.

There’s a lot to keep in mind for a Bridal Makeup besides the look itself. You need to ensure the longevity of the look and also the amount of SPF in the products (SPF reflects light and creates ‘flashback’ when taking photos making the area look paler than it is or even white). I believe 0 SPF is best, but generally products up to SPF 15 are okay.

Vicky’s look was simple and glamorous, and one thing her soon-to-be husband made her promise was no big, false lashes! Instead we went for a few on the outer edges to add some volume as they were fairly long already! 

A few pictures of her are below and taken in the store LA Creative!






Thanks for reading! Drop by again soon xo

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