a little flashback

One of my favourite work experiences with LA College of Creative Arts was the opportunity to work alongside tutor Aidan Corcoran and fellow student Karen Glynn on the College’s Discovery Day. The event was held for current and upcoming students to find out about the college and all it has to offer. We on the other hand were there to demonstrate some skills! 

We spent around 7 hours on the day body painting our model Nathan. It was so much fun and our model was a great sport considering he had to stand still for so long! Aidan designed the look, going for a statue-esque base, blanking out the entire body with white, then going in with grays and blacks to contour the natural shapes of the body. We then placed LA College’s logo in the middle of the torso and made it to look like a paint splash! To add some colour, we coated the rest of the body in coloured paint splashes.

It was an incredible day and the college had a great turnout! The SFX crew also had a demo along with some of our great tutors to demonstrate all of the skills that can be gained here at LA! 

Below is our finished product! 





Helps when you have a gorgeous model too, doesn’t it? Talk soon folks xo


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