long time no see

A Facebook notification pops up on my phone and to my surprise it is from my mentor Marie-Therese Byrne. It shows a screenshot of a previous post where I wrote about a makeup she did and how she couldn’t believe she had only just come across it. Someones still reading my blog? Let alone going back a few posts? My poor blog, I got so caught up in other things that I had completely abandoned it! Luckily MT is around, she may have just been the little motivation I needed to get back into it!

As I recap on the year that was, I remember all the fun moments, the silly times, the hard work, the amazing experiences and all that I have learnt whilst being at LA College of Creative Arts. It truly was the year of a lifetime and moving away from home to come here and experience it was the best decision I have ever made. 

So much has happened since then so I figure I’ll stick to some highlights for this post!

First would be the two publications I’ve added to my portfolio! One for Stellar Magazine and one for the newly released Insider Mag. For the Stellar Magazine I worked alongside fellow LA Student Megan Burke where we provided Hair & Makeup for 6 mums for a special article. For the Insider Magazine I assisted Beauty Editor Nadia El Ferdaoussi with Makeup for the male model and hairstyling. I will jump at any chance for published work! The contacts you make and knowing that so many people are looking at something that you did is such a great feeling and so worth the long days on set. 

These are the images from the Stellar Magazine photoshoot:





A few other highlights included being involved with both the UCD and Trinity college fashion shows! LA College provides hair and makeup for both and it is so fun seeing all the hard work come to an amazing show at the end of the day! I was also able to work for a corporate box at the One Direction concert in Croke Park meaning I got a wee glimpse of the show! 

We also had a few more photoshoots within the college before graduation. They are shown below!

Images from a Character Photoshoot (Galaxy and Half’n’half). Model:Tessa Muldoon.




The following images were from a Beauty photoshoot. Model: Clodagh Power.




There were many more exciting things crammed into the past few months with one of the biggest being our Graduation! However for the sake of this post being too lengthy, I think we shall save that for another day! 

Now that my days as a student at LA College of Creative Arts are over and I go on to working as a Summer Intern for them over the next three months, the style of my blog may change as my skills and knowledge within the industry progress! Expect a few reviews, recommendations, looks with product lists etc as well as my usual recapping which Mum and Dad along with others back home tend to find helpful in keeping up to date with me over this side of the world!

That’s me for today! Have a great weekend and I’ll be in touch soon xo



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