avant garde

Today at LA, we began our next module of Advanced Fashion & Photographic, with our first topic being…

Avant Garde!

With Avant Garde, comes a chance for us all to let our creativity and imagination run wild to produce some eye-capturing and individual Makeups. Our first task was to research and create a look, suitable for an editorial or runway show, but still Avant Garde. This meant we had to be weary of going to ‘fantasy-like’ and sticking to the beauty makeup side of things.  

For my look, I decided to do a very dewy and luminous skin, with a metallic contour and a stained petal-lip. I took my inspiration from galactic beings and also cherry blossoms – random, I know. My look was to go alongside fashion from the likes of Gareth Pugh or Alexander McQueen in one of their runway shows. To create the luminous skin, I mixed MAC Strobe Cream with MAC Face & Body in White – this also added to the pale appearance of the skin which I wanted to make it look more innocent, youthful and also alien-esque. I simply used a metallic eyeshadow to contour and swept a wash of this over the eyes. I used MAC Viva Glam Nicki and pressed it on the inside of the lips, which were prepped with a MAC Eyeliner in Fascinating. I then used this eyeliner to coat around the eyes and also as a mascara.

Simple as that and done in a second!

My look is modeled on Clodagh Power. 



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