hittin’ the streetz

Class today consisted of an ‘Editorial Challenge’!

Each girl chose an image where the face was covered and depending on what the look was for the rest of the editorial was how we decided on our makeup look. This was anything from the clothes, to the hair and the colours and tones of the page. At the end we revealed to ourselves what the original makeup in the campaign was and a lot of us were shocked – the look was way off what we had produced. The great thing was that it didn’t matter as our looks also suited the editorials. Really goes to show how different looks and techniques can be adapted to portray a certain image a designer or company are aiming for.

Pictured is my model, Ailish Graydon with the editorial I chose to create a look for and also the final image. We had a bit of fun towards the end of class and dressed up before hitting the streets for a bit of a Street Style inspired photoshoot!




A lot of us may need some modeling lessons, but at least we’ve got the makeup in the bag!

Also to give you an idea of what the makeup on the editorial was, it is pictured below!



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