o’hallows eve

Happy Halloween!

(for yesterday)

I hope everyone had a fab time and got the chance to dress up! I don’t usually celebrate Halloween, not entirely sure what it’s all about but being a Makeup Obsessive, I’ll take any opportunity to be creative.

I chose to go as Catwoman, show off a bit of skill without it taking too long or turning me into too much of a creep, I was pretty happy with how it turned out too although the stitches needed a bit of work. I used INGLOT Gel Liner 77 (black for the mask) and I was so surprised with how so little went a long way. I literally have an entire tub left and it stayed workable the entire time I was using it without drying out – SO IMPRESSED. I also went for an ombre lip, which is a little hard to see in my pictures but I used MAC Ruby Woo (of course) and MAC Smoulder Eye Kohl for the lip liner and blending.


All fun and games!

(and some really bad photo quality)


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