black and white

Today, Marie-Therese, our lovely tutor took us on a journey through the black and whites of fashion and photographic makeup. Focusing on two aspects, a natural look, and a more high fashion look, she demonstrated to us the tips and tricks of the black and white photography.

 Pictured is Natural and Strong B&W Makeup.


Here are some important tips taken from today:

-Matte colours are preferred over shimmers/glitters as this will only throw the light from the flash back and that area will appear bleached, or too bright. Also no SPF.

-Colours are irrelevant, it is all about the tones! Hell, you can use blue and red to contour and fill in the eyebrows, as long as they are a dark tone to suit.  

-The base must be flawless – any small blemish will appear as grey and patchy.

One thing I love about our class, LA Elite, is that none of us are afraid of experimenting! We all walked around with crazy colours defining our cheekbones and eyebrows and all loved it! There is nothing funner then dressing up everyday and being allowed to call it college! 



This photo of LA Elite is courtesy of Marie-Therese Byrne. 

Follow her on Twitter here:



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