la life

A short insight into our fun-filled week at LA College.

This week has been such a blast and my class LA Elite learnt so much in a short space of time.

Monday started with a little bit of beauty, learning how to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize a clients face in preparation for makeup application followed by eyelash and eyebrow tinting…WHICH we got to practice on each other. Fun right? Who would say no to facials and beauty treatments in class? None of us did! We did however walk out of class with fab lashes and defined brows. Yay!

Which leads us onto Tuesday – Mother of the Bride day! The girls in LA Elite all bought in a lovely woman to practice mature makeup on and they sure weren’t afraid to tell us how they liked it and what they didn’t like at all. It was a great opportunity to get a live client into class that we don’t usually converse with – something LA College allows us to do a lot. A power cut throughout the afternoon was a shock to the class but it didn’t hinder our performance and we got a taste of what it’s like in a real working environment. Thank goodness for the windows allowing some natural light in!


Wednesday was male makeup day where we bought in our lovely, ‘willing’ boys to sit still for an hour and let us put makeup on them! Secretly, I think they loved it, and I was quite shocked at how well behaved they were! And us girls as well, who can help but be giggly when surrounded by gorgeous men?! The look we achieved for them was simple, understated, natural beauty. Just enhancing their features whilst keeping them rugged and manly.


Thursday taught us a little something about suspense and that staying up late the night before to study, isn’t always such a great idea. The morning presented us with an SQA written exam with our marks being revealed at the end of the day (the suspense) and in the afternoon, our tutor Aidan taught us tips and tricks on face charts and allowed us to prep for our photo shoot which takes place on Monday. Was a brilliant day, (mainly because I passed-Woo!), but I actually learnt a lot about the importance of prepping and practicing for shoots and that it is always best to be over-prepared. 

All in all, another wonderful week in the life of LA.

Stay tuned kids.


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