beauty of the week

So for this segment this week, I decided to head back to my home country. You may have heard of Lorde? She sings the song Royals… well that’s how most people would identify her over this side of the world. Basically she is a hot, wee, thang who is currently taking the world by storm with her new album, ‘Pure Heroine’. BUT..have you taken the time to give her a glance?


Check out that mane! She is an absolute stunner. Killin’ it with her music and her look. For a 16 year old girl, it’s nice to see she’s so in her own. Knows her direction, who she wants to be, and keeps it fresh and simple for her age. Nothing suits her more than a smokey eye and nude lip, however she would look deadly with a dark, purple lip which is all the rage for this season. In saying that, she also looks beautiful with bare skin.

Who knows where this down-to-earth kiwi girl could be in a year or so – New Zealand repping it.


You can visit Lorde’s website here: and I highly recommend you purchase her album.


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