if there’s one thing i’ve learned…

I am all over the place. My personality clashes with my interests, clashes with my opinions, clashes with how I view myself. It’s been a never-ending cycle deciphering who I am, however I’ve always been certain about one thing. My dream.

I must have been 7 or 8 when I had my first experience with makeup. My younger sister and I were invited to a disco-themed slumber party and our two Aunties were the ones to glam us up. Bright blue eyeshadow and sticky, pink lipgloss completed our look and we surely stood out amongst the other youngsters.

Over the years, my love for makeup grew. Not only the products, but the artistry. There was so much imagination, creativity, precision and technique behind every look I saw, be it in the magazines, on television or on people down the street. I was in awe. Everything about makeup made me yearn to be in the industry. It was the love of my life and is still the only one for me.

It was in May 2012, in the middle of a University lecture, when I asked what on earth was I doing with my life. I had graduated high school and had felt pressured to get a degree at University. Fair to say, I wasn’t enjoying life. I would get up, sit in hours of lectures a day, go to work, come home and repeat. Something had to change and only I was able to make that happen.

One month later and I was accepted into LA College of Creative Arts 3 Year Creative Course, for the academic year beginning September 2013 and here I am.

A 19-year-old girl from Dunedin, New Zealand, pursuing her dreams in Dublin, Ireland. Join me on my journey with LA College of Creative Arts and see what unfolds. Who knows, I might surprise a few of you!

You can visit LA’s website here: http://www.lacollegeofcreativearts.com/


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